Reflections on Sexual Content in the media

I thought our chapter, discussions, etc. this week on the topic of Sexual Content in the media were very interesting and insightful. When something like this is discussed in a classroom setting, there is always the chance the talk could be overwhelmed with jokes, and even though we went there a little bit, different revelations and perspectives of my fellow classmates opened the lecture to a much wider realm of thought. In particular, discussing addiction to internet pornography was eye opening, and something I hadn’t thought much about until then. Certainly, some men might joke about such an addiction, but it was during our discussion that I started wondering, “What did internet porn addicts do before the internet made everything so readily available?” Sure it existed elsewhere before, but I would be interested in reading a study or even testimonials from people addicted to internet pornography of whether or not their addiction increased because of the internet, and how did this effect their lives, etc. Basically, I wonder deep down if the availability of such a wide variety of pornography on the internet unleashed addictions in people who normally wouldn’t have come across such material.

Also, the video we watched on Wednesday was very insightful, and had me thinking quite a bit. The part that really got to me (aside from the trashy Fred Durst) were the anonymous guys talking about their desires to teach certain women “a lesson”. That bothered me so much, because I’ve heard guys talk like that before. Not all guys do by any means, but they make all men look bad and could potentially give women the wrong impression that every man they come across during the day wants to jump them. People, men and women, should be able to walk around and be confident in body and spirit without feeling like they could be harassed at any moment.


One response to “Reflections on Sexual Content in the media

  1. For my experience with my ex-husband, I can tell you that he started with magazines. When he was older and could afford it, he ordered a lot of porn videos from the ads in the back of the magazines.

    Yes, the Internet certainly enabled him to find more content more easily and I personally believe that it did aggravate the situation. However, even without the Internet he would have had access to the magazines and videos–so where there was a will, there was a way.

    I think that the Internet did open up avenues for people who might not have ever sought out pornographic material otherwise–just look at all the religous organizations trying to help people with porn addictions. It is hard for me to believe that a deacon or pastor would be seen buying a Penthouse, but looking at something online might be a temptation they couldn’t pass up.

    You would be surprised at the number of women and men, not models or actors, just ordinary folks like you and me, that will post sexually explicit pictures of themselves online. Some of these you pay to look at (they take all major credit cards) and some you can see for free.

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