The Longest Day

I took several notes during the day and cheated a few times, but I will just recount everything in order:

9:38 am was the first time I saw on my bedside alarm clock yesterday morning. Shut my eyes, try falling back asleep. Why wake up if I can’t do anything? is my mentality. My soul had silently dreaded this day while my mind was game. I doze off for a little more before my neighbor’s lawn service crew wake me up again about twenty after ten, foreshadowing the feeling that sounds from the outside world are more prevalent when one is not distracted by media.

Since class was canceled, I didn’t have to be anywhere until 2pm for work. Most people talked about turning on the TV right when they wake up, but for me it was hard to resist going online. Yesterday it dawned on me that I begin everyday with about thirty wasted minutes surfing the web. Luckily I had already set aside some yard work for me to do, so that I would be outside and busy and not compelled to use media. But even after that was done, I found myself craving more than lunch. When I was in the kitchen afterward preparing lunch, I almost turned on the television. Do I always watch TV when I eat something? I guess so, but not today. I take it outside, and am able to hear my neighbor talking on the phone very loudly. Do we all talk this loud, and are we so oblivious?

After looking out the windows for the longest time (no cellphone to use as a watch), boredom sets in, so I take my dog for an extra long walk. I had thought about the gym, but I rely so much on my iPod when using the treadmill, that I decide against it. Is this what monks feel like? I wonder. Probably not, I’m just spoiled. Eventually it is time to get ready for work, and I leave early because I have nothing better to do. The drive to work was odd. I am so used to zoning out to my music when driving that it was surreal driving for thirty minutes in silence. With the windows down, I felt closer to the outside and could hear music pouring out of other people’s cars. Do I blast music like that? Probably. Eventually it is too hot, so the windows go up with the AC. But now I realize why I preferred music in the car: because my car is old old old, and driving in silence forced me to listen to it struggle to climb hills and what not. And I’m pretty sure I need my breaks looked at. They sound awful. All things usually missed because I have the iPod blasting.

Work is were I cheated. I had to go online to clock-in, but since my job is mostly answering the phone, there was lots of down time, so I read the chapter for this class as well as for another class. Unless I was running back and forth to the mail room. Even just reading our textbook felt new and extra interesting due to the exclusion of all other media forces that day. Driving home in rush hour in silence was hell. It made me hate traffic even more. Music makes traffic easier to cope with, hell, even NPR could I imagine. Just sitting there with only the outside noises, moving at a snail’s pace, it’s mind numbing.

Back at home after six, getting darker outside. I usually have the news on and eat dinner with it on in the background. On the sheet we filled out Monday about how much time a day we spend with each media device, I was way too limited with what I put for TV. I watch more TV than I would have cared to admit, or even realized! I depend on it at night to unwind. I had started making a list earlier of websites I needed to check out when back on the computer: email, banking, webct, etc. So I cheat again and am relieved to see that I had no new notifications on Facebook. Haha, the day I go without is the day of no activity. How fitting. Not wanting to turn the TV on, I take a sleep aid and read before falling asleep. Good morning media!


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