My thoughts on Content Analysis

I was honestly not expecting the Blue’s Clues activity last Monday, but I think it was tied in well with our chapter’s discussions on Content Analysis. Our group’s more detailed and specific findings can be read on Zach Fraser’s blog:

Even though the experience we had as a class on Monday trying to code the various instances of sign language in the episode of Blue’s Clues was frustrating and accurately described as sensory overload, I still think the method of content analysis is useful and can be applied to greater understandings. The book uses the example of listening to top Billboard songs and analyzing their content regarding sexual content and drug use, and more specifically, if any negative consequences of such actions were addressed. On Monday it was so overwhelming, but I imagine if you were to have a smaller team of coders and more time to pause, record and discuss the nature and value of certain signs over others, the process would be less stressful and the results more rewarding.

And as our book mentions, content analysis is usually only the beginning. Once you have successfully coded a piece of media, the real questions begin to take shape. “The facts themselves that come from a content analysis don’t ever permit us to answer the question about the effects of the content” (Sparks 21). So once you establish a coded system for something, you have to figure out if there is a causal relationship that makes it all happen.


One response to “My thoughts on Content Analysis

  1. You make a great point about sensory overload, that’s exactly what I immediately thought. Maybe other content analysis exercises would be different though.

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