Characteristics of Social Science Learning Device

In order to remember the eight characteristics of social science, I made up a one sentence story that incorporates the words in different ways. I will break it down.

The sentence is as follows: Spock, while open to modification, is general AND specific when determined to verify the IS Parsimonious.

Even though it is silly, is has the potential in my mind to be memorable and make some sense. I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek, but I associate the word logic with the character of Spock, so with that, I have a subject. General and Specific are easy to remember in that they can be seen as opposites. After coming up with this the other day, I tried to see which parts were hard to remember. Intersubjective I shortened to IS and put it with Parsimonious. Parsimonious is the easiest to remember, since it is the most fun to say, and therefore it is saved for the end of the sentence. And empirically verifiable was shortened simply to verify to make the sentence have a somewhat better flow.


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